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Hardware acceleration is available on Android phones from Android 3.0 and up. It will improve performance and is on by default. If you encounter graphical issues or glitches, try turning it off.
Big Fonts disables the use of small fonts in the game interface. Use this if you're having trouble reading certain areas of the game.
New characters are presented with an interactive tutorial. This can be disabled here if you do not need it, or if you encounter issues with it.
You can choose whether to display a fixed interface in the game. This is unavailable for some platforms, and may be very slow on others.
If you're not having problems, we suggest you leave this as the default.
By default, this app accelerates touch events to respond to your presses faster. On slow phones, this may have the opposite effect.
Disable Fast Press if your game often ignores your touches on buttons, or if you find yourself pressing buttons while scrolling.
Improve performance of text input by using a popup dialog.
This setting may improve text entry and the performance of keyboard related tasks. Use this if some of your keys don't work or are slow to respond.
These settings will take effect when you log in next.
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You must accept the rules found in our
Terms of Service before playing.

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Gangster Paradise contains methods of communication such as a chat room, messaging system and player profiles. Stay safe and DO NOT disclose any personal information to other players. Game staff will never ask you for your login details.

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