Gangs Preview (Two)

Posted by Matt on April 25, 2012

It’s been roughly a month since we posted the Gang Preview, so we thought it’s high time for another one. Gangs is progressing well and we are entering testing and aim to have an update out in late May.

As with the last Gang Preview, everything you see here is not final and is subject to change.

In the last preview I outlined the advanced properties such as the Bank, Factory and Apartments. Generic properties are now complete. These are properties that reserved players can own. There are no requirements or costs to get a generic property, except that you must be reserved and your gang must have a spare property slot.

These properties will upgrade over time the longer you keep them. They provide income every hour, but unlike dealers, you have to manually collect the money they provide.

These properties can be damaged or destroyed by other players in Gang Raids.

Since the Game came out there have been Green and Red flags on the Turf Map which show friendly players and unfriendly players. Now, those players, as well as your gang members will be able to help their friends during Turf Wars. Having a friend help you in your attack, steal or defence will have one of a few effects which include:

  • Lose less weapons
  • Do more (or receive less) Turf Respect damage
  • Steal more dealers
  • Protect some of your dealers from being stolen
  • More…
We’ve started work on the Gang Profile, it’s pretty much done apart from Gang Ranks and medals which are covered with a placeholder in the following images. There’s a new section on player profiles that show what gang they’re in and what rank they hold.
Pressing on the gang section will take you to the Gang profile which is split into three sections; their profile, their roster, and a public news feed.
Gang ranks are customisable so you can call them whatever you wish, but the icon will always be the same so other players know what your rank means.
Gang Raids are the major feature we’ve been working on. They allow up to five gang members to group together to attack another Gang. Up to 5 of the defending gang’s members can try to fend off attacks. You need a minimum of two players to start a gang raid.
Once you’ve started a raid and given it a target, gang members can join it. In order to take part in a raid you have to invest half a stack (the actual cash amount will vary from player to player).
Once everyone has joined the raid, each player gets the opportunity to chose their role. How good you are at each role depends on different stats and resources your character has. For example, the Veteran role looks at your gangster power while the Driver role looks at your GTA and Garage stats.
If you do not wish to chose a role, you will be given one based on what other people have chosen and what you are good at. Once everyone has chose a role, the raid forms. The defending gang is notified and its members have 10 minutes to  join the defence.
At this point, the attacking gang can choose which areas of the target gang they want to focus their attack on.
Clockwise from top left these are:
  • Advanced Property (Apartments)
  • Advanced Property (Bank)
  • Advanced Property (Factory)
  • Gang Members
  • Gang HQ
  • Generic Properties
You can choose as many or as few of these areas as you like, and your damage will be split between them.
Once the 10 minutes are up, the raid will happen and the gangs involved will be able to view the raid log. Attackers can manually claim any money made from the raid at this point.
In the example shown above, you can see the difference in power between the two gangs which is shown on the bar. It also shows that the gang received damage to its Integrity and that its Gang members were hurt during the attack. Pressing on the log opens up a more detailed view similar to a Turf log result.
That’s all I have to show you for this preview, I hope you like it. As I said at the start we’ll start testing everything this week and work on the design and missing images. We think that the Gangs update will be great both for ranked players and reserved players.