GP V5 Released!

Posted by Ant on May 29, 2014

GP v5 is now available. A quick round-up of new features:
– Drug running – Cook, stash, deal and steal drugs!
– Gang Events – Compete for XP/Rackets
– Safehouse – Holiday protection
– Increased strategy in war
– Trip wires to protect labs
– Drug mules for distance dealing
– Improved login/registration
– Statbar customisation
– UI Improvements (map/gang chat)
– Up-to three perks!
– 250 street rep minimum
– Stacks are based on outgoings where these exceed income
– All Exposed XP donated to gang each month
– Quartermaster XP earned from drug production only
– Mugs changes (see news in-game)

Go to // to play, or visit the store on your mobile/tablet!

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Thank you for reading,
The GP Staff