March Update

Posted by Matt on February 28, 2013

With the end of February drawing near we thought it was time to give you some information on how the next update is coming along. Unfortunately we won’t be able to release it until late March. We’ve ended up making the update larger than we originally thought and we’re going to go over most of the changes and give you some preview screenshots in this blog post.

If you have any questions about the update, please send a message to Matt in game, and we’ll post a FAQ with answers to the most common questions!

We’ll do another announcement a few days before the update that explains how your current role scores and gang scores will carry over to the new system, to make sure nobody loses out.

Role XP

The major focus of the update is to revamp raid roles. As you play your character you can now gain experience in the various roles. When you join a raid as a role, it is this experience that will be compared to your enemy to determine whether you win the role or not.

This means that you’ll be able to see exactly what is contributing to your raid role scores and what you need to do to improve them.
Once we had decided to move to an XP based system, we had to decide how to handle the fact that experience can’t just increase forever. We decided to introduce a weekly reset. Every week, at midnight on wednesday morning everyone’s role XP is reset to 20% of the total XP they’ve earned in that role in that week. For example, if I’ve earnt 50,000 XP in that week, on wednesday my XP is reset to 10,000. This means that XP does not grow infinitely which helps with the problem of old players being impossible to catch after a few months.
This didn’t seem very fair to the older veteran players either, though, so we added something called the “Pro XP Boost” that increases your experience gain in a role by a percentage depending on how high your all time stats are.

  • Driver: All time successful GTAs
  • Guard: All time defenses
  • Loadout Specialist: All time jailbreaks
  • Quartermaster: All time successful crimes
  • Veteran: All time attacks

You can get a maximum of 15% extra XP from the Pro XP boost.

Most of the same things you currently do to increase your role scores now give you role XP instead, so you should be able to continue playing in the same way if you wish.

  • Driver
    • Completing Chopshop lists
    • Committing GTAs
  • Guard
    • Defending your turf
    • *Counterattacking in turf wars*
  • Loadout Specialist
    • Committing Jailbreaks
    • Stealing dealers in a turf war
    • Attacking other players turf
  • Quartermaster
    • High value steals in turf wars
    • Stealing from other players turf
    • Committing Crimes
  • Veteran
    • Turf wars

For the roles that gain XP through turf wars, you’ll find you get more XP for hard fights than for easy ones.

Fresh Look

We’ve redesigned some areas of the game, including the crimes screen, the gta screen, the jail and the turf log result to improve their usability and to allow us to display XP gain information more easily.


Gang XP

Once we’d implemented Role XP we realised that the gang ranking system currently works in a similar way to the old raid role system and that we had the opportunity to improve gang ranking as well.
Gangs now have XP instead of a score, every time you gain role XP you also cause your Gang to gain the same amount of XP. Other actions that don’t give Role XP also give your Gang XP. The highest ranked gangs will now be the gangs with the most XP. Similarly to Role XP, Gang XP is also reset to 20%, but it only happens on the 1st day of the month.
This means you’ll be able to see your gang gaining XP as you complete objectives and actions in the game and should make the leaderboard much more competitive.

In addition to your roles, the following in game actions will give your Gang XP:

  • Upgrading your gang
  • Collecting money from gang properties
  • Repairing your gang
  • Depositing money
  • Prestiging
  • Carrying out raids

Gang Divisions

In response to some dissatisfaction with gang attack ranges, we’ve added a new measure of Gang power called “Divisions”. Gangs are placed into leagues based on the total role XP of its members so that gangs of a similar raiding power are in the same division. The divisions are as follows:

  • Global Division (Top 10 gangs)
  • National Division (Next 15 Gangs)
  • Regional Division (Next 25 Gangs)
  • City Divisions (Next 30% of Gangs)
  • Ghetto Divisions (All the rest)

Gangs will only be able to attack other gangs in their division. This may change before release if we decide it limits your raiding too much.

Wall -> Logbook

We’ve redesigned your personal wall into a logbook that shows more information and allows you to filter it to show only what you’re interested in, we hope it will be more useful than the wall currently is!


Credit Trading

We’ve dramatically improved the credit exchange to allow you to trade credits with your friends instantly in a deal rather than having to add them to the exchange itself.

You can still buy and sell to all players in a similar way to the old exchange, but both this and trading credits between friends or gang members is much simpler.

Gang Tools

We’ve improved the gang member overview screen to allow gang leaders to see how their members are doing and how much they’re contributing both financially and XP wise. Property management should also be much easier now.

As always we welcome all feedback, and it’s important to note that we’re still making changes and balancing aspects of this update!

Thanks for reading!

The GP team.