Summer 20 – OCs – Preview

Posted by Matt on May 13, 2020

It’s finally time for us to give you a preview of what’s coming soon. Organised Crimes have long been the most voted for idea on the App, and we felt we were in a good position to make them the next addition to the game.

Please note this is a preview, designs, images, and mechanics are not final.


Organised Crimes are group activities you must do with other players, but unlike Gang Raids, you won’t need to be in the same gang. You’ll still be making use of your Skills – using your role ratings in Driver, Guard, Quartermaster, Loadout Specialist, and Veteran.

Each month the OCs available to you will focus on a certain theme. These include:

  • Casino – The Water Dragon Casino is our only legal casino.
  • Cartel – A shadowy organisation about which little is known. Cyber-crime, industrial espionage, and other white collar crime is their forte.
  • Gutters – The criminal underbelly of the streets.
  • Police – The GP Police department is not known for being the most effective force in the world and has more than its share of corrupt cops and illicit contracts.
  • Bank – The GP reserve bank is a very powerful institution tasked with maintaining the economy.

Each OC has:

  • Difficulty Tier – OCs get more difficult as the month goes on. You’ll need higher skill ratings to succeed.
  • Recommended Size – All OCs have a set team size. If you have too few players it will be harder. If you have more, you’ll get less loot individually.
  • Duration – OCs take a certain amount of time to complete. Once you send an OC, you’ll need to wait this amount of time for it to complete.
  • Infamy Cost – Infamy is the currency of OCs. You’ll need to pay Infamy to join, and you will receive Infamy in return when it’s complete.
  • Recommended Roles – For some OCs it will make sense for players to fill certain roles. It’ll be harder if you ignore these.
  • Tags – Hints about the type of OC. Certain abilities and effects will only work for some types of OC.
  • Checks – Obstacles preventing you from being successful, causing the OC to take longer, or award less loot. Counter these Checks with an item or ability for a better outcome!


One of the rewards from OCs are one-time-use items which you can use in future OCs to counter a Check.

You can also create your own Counters in your Warehouse:

Once you’ve formed an OC, you’ll be able to invite other players and set up your contributions. You can see a preview of your chance of success, and how long it’ll take to start.


In this OC I’ve got a hood lord icon in my slot. This is because I’ve sent my Capo on this OC. You’re able to take part in two OCs at once – one yourself, and one via the Capo.
You may choose a Capo each time you prestige and you won’t be able to change until the next time you prestige.

Each Capo is specialised in two roles – they’ll be less effective with the other three. Capo ratings are based on your ratings, and will initially be lower.

Capos gain levels as they complete OCs gaining extra abilities. When you prestige, your active Capo will also prestige, improving their skill ratings a small amount.

Capos are also important for taking part in and completing elite OCs. These are available over the weekend and can only be taken part in solo – you and your Capo.

Elite OCs

Elite OCs get harder each time you complete them. The GP community can complete it collectively to activate a buff which will last for the next week (until the next Elite OC spawns)


Rewards may be used in numerous areas of the game and include modifications for both weapon kits and credit rewards. Some may even be used in gang raids!

There is a monthly Infamy leaderboard which tracks who has managed to accumulate the most Infamy, along with a new profile rank for OCs.


We’re still working on finishing up this feature and balancing it. It has turned into a larger undertaking than originally planned. We’re hoping to have this ready for you alongside some bug fixes and improvements in July.

We hope OCs will provide a social group activity that doesn’t rely on gangs and look forward to your feedback as we improve and add to it in the future.