Time for an update

Posted by Ant on December 7, 2011

GP has been out for almost a month now and in that time we’ve reached 17,500+ sign-ups! The game is growing strongly and is being enjoyed by both our long-standing players and new players from a wide variety of backgrounds. We’re ecstatic at how well things are going.

Today we have released a new update that contains a lot of improvements. The highlights include:

  • Chopshop remade and easier to use. It gives easier lists to begin with.
  • All our game tutorials can be found in help.
  • You may now steal dealers when you attack.
  • New credit options – stash & jailbreak kits. Cash injection shows the amount it’ll give beforehand.
  • Repair and sell all buttons in garage.
  • Improvements to inbox, forum and ideas.
  • A timer can be found on the turf map showing when the zone statuses will update.

Going forward we will be continuing to focus on:

  • Making the game more straightforward for new players.
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the game.
  • Adding the features you want the most.

Update 1.3 will feature:

  • A reworking of how Crimes and GTAs work to make it seem less of a chore and give better rewards.
  • New artwork –  Pimped out vehicles and Crime/GTA outcome “scenes”.
  • An all-time Leaderboard.

Update 2.0 will be a massive update featuring:

  • Drug running.
  • Gangs.

We’ll be starting work on the next updates straight away. We’re working flat out as we want to keep GP as the fairest and most fun mafia themed game available.

Thank you,
The GP Staff.