Update 1.3

Posted by Ant on February 1, 2012

We’re now releasing a new game update that we’ve been working on for over a month that contains a number of exciting improvements. Credit goes to Matt for his hard work on this update and keeping the game ticking over so well for the past month.

Changes include:

  • Crimes & GTAs now have levels which give rewards. Higher levels unlock sooner
  • All-time prestige leaderboard. Top 100 players
  • View your recent income in a list
  • Credits purchasing has been redone (Android in-app purchases, google checkout for card payments)
  • Credits has had a major overhaul.
  • Spy credit options. Buy more spies and plant a spy
  • Share your war results with other players. You can automatically share all your wars with friends
  • Cash injection (credits) is now cheaper and gives less money
  • Stash (credits) now charges per hour, cheaper
  • Chopshop lists now give a bigger reward depending on your income
  • Location effects only change every three hours and change % based on how strong your defense / offense is
  • All vehicles redrawn and outcome images for crimes/gtas
  • All GTAs now have a small chance to steal a car from another player
  • Bigger font option in settings
  • Dozens of bug fixes

We’re immediately starting work on the next update which will almost solely focus on introducing gangs as a big official feature. With a few months of ideas already behind this (many of these being contributed by our players) we believe gangs will be a great addition to the game.